People and Environment


The environment has supported the human race all over the years up and until today. Basically the environment supports all form of life found on the planet. There the environment and people have very a great and mutual interconnection and interdependence. But people will heavily rely on the environment to provide to their needs whether vital or secondary needs. With this in mind people are required to develop a form of balance or harmony with the environment so that there able to sustain life without constraint or endangering their very existence. The environment should be protected rather than be destroyed so that it sustains life now and for future generations.

People and the environment have had a long history which has been one that life and especially that of human beings is dependent on the environment.  The dependence of human beings on the environment has been such that people are now destroying the environment at a rate which the environment is not able to replenish itself. This has been caused by population pressure and factors like industrialization which have seen the exploitation of environmental resources for economic purposes. The imbalances created in the environment are such that the results have been those that instill great fear. Interventions will be required to save the environment from total destruction.

There has been an increase in the awareness that further destruction of the environment will wipe out all life on the planet. With this realization, people are now working to save thee environment from further assault. Campaigns have been initiated to sensitive people on the need for protecting the environment. The campaigns have been targeted for different categories of people so that they learn the state of the environment directly impacts on the quality of life that we enjoy. The campaigns and education have been even formulated for children at a young age so that they grow up knowing that the environment should always be protected. For the population of adult need to protect the environment is emphasized through going green and managing waste and refuse.

The environment requires people so that it is in a position to heal itself. Our actions and help will go a long way in saving the environment. These are through measures that protects or entirely stop and further interference with the natural balance found in the environment. So with the realization of the damage that people have done to the environment all necessary action should be taken to remedy the situation and most importantly protect life. This can only be the least the present generation can do for the future generations.

The world today is all about going green and green technology that are efforts that have been emphasized so that the environment is not under great pressure and assault from human activity. The green revolution has been about creating a sustainable environment through people and which is based on environmental awareness and consciousness. Financial and material support has been availed for all people and companies that embrace green technology to save the environment. New ideas are being hatched and implemented everyday to save the environment.


How to Save Our Environment




In the world today, the rallying call has been that people, the industries and the institutions should strive to go embrace green technology or basically go green. The go green campaign has been one that has been aimed at making sure that the environment is not entirely destroyed. Destruction has been brought about by the activities that human being have been doing mainly aimed at getting a living and making investments. What has been the realization is that in a number of years to come the earth will barely be in a position to support any form of life since all natural material will be irreversibly utilized. This is often the tragedy of destroying the environment that it is impossible to undo any damage done on the environment. QFN socket Many people and industries are engaged in the senseless exploitation of the environment or the damping of all forms of chemical gases and all manner of waste which is both toxic and non degradable.

Efforts are now focus wed on preserving the current state of the environment and the world in general. Besides that campaigns and numerous other measures have been set rolling so that some of the reversible damage can be slowly tackled to restore the earlier state of affairs or a near perfect state of affairs. Funding and the involvement of all the different stakeholders has been the approach taken in finding a solution to the saving of the environment. The verdict is still out there if the right thing is getting done to ensure that the environment is well protected or the effects have been noticeable in saving the environment. The idea created has been one which was premised on the fact that the earth  was on the downhill trend towards dying away due to the destruction that has been visited on it.

The issues looked at and which must be worked on are those around all forms of pollution, degradation and destruction of forests and plant life, the depletion of the ozone, global warming, depletion of energy resources and a whole host of activities that are aimed at getting the environment into a position of being able to sustain all forms of life and looking into the future where it has to support future generation of people.

There are many ways in which we can lower their carbon emissions and be greener. Just by making a few simple changes we can all help towards lowering our carbon footprint. Those who own homes, cars and businesses can still help towards saving the planet. To save the environment, encourage others to participate in saving the environment.


How Do We Destroy the Environment?


The state of affairs and interaction with the environment as of today is one that needs some interventions and serious thought. The environment has been receiving great onslaught from the activities of the human population which have seen the degradation and total destruction of different aspects of the environment. What should be remembered is that the continued destruction of the environment implies that as human beings we are continually destroying our very own existence. We only have this world to live in and its destruction translates into destroying the human race and besides any other life.

Human activity has been the biggest contributor to environmental degradation and this has happened through so many facets. For settlement purposes and those of arable land use, human beings have destroyed huge chunks of forests to clear land and convert it into any of these stated uses. This has mainly led to deforestation. Deforestation then sets into motion a roll over effect to the environment which is through other activities that are directly as a result. Soil erosion, erratic rains, and imbalances in the level of greenhouse gases and many other features that really have a negative impact on the environment are descended from deforestation.

Pollution is another of the big ways through which the environment is destroyed. The world and our environment today are badly polluted due to the many economic activities that human beings engage in. this implies that our health and very existence keeps on receiving a big hit since all we consume and breathe are polluted products and polluted air respectively. Pollution has extended from the land to the rivers and water bodies to the atmosphere. Therefore most of the things that get into our bodies through ingestion or breathing are polluted and have health ramifications. Pollution is destroying the environment at a very high rate and this has led to the awareness that failure to stop it will bring about serious consequences. Fact is pollution cannot be entirely stopped but it can surely be managed so that all life functions and technology are supported. Reducing pollution will begin through refuse management and the recycling of waste material, the reduction in the number of vehicles on the road and improving their efficiency in the utilization of fuel. The other measures would be factories reducing their emissions and that they should minimize and treat all other waste that gets discharged into the environment.

Lastly, exploitation of the environment for economic activities has also seen degradation and destruction of the environment in different ways. Mining activities are known to also negatively impact the environment. Excavations and the emissions from the machines used as well as blowing of dust all destroy the environment in different ways.

The destruction of the environment is a problem that requires a multifaceted approach in order that it is stemmed and there are no serious effects on human and all other forms of life. The required input is technical, financial, social and political, and any other effort that can be summoned to save the environment.

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