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Tons of radioactive waste generated by the nation’s nuclear weapons production facilities is being readied for cross-country travel to the first “permanent” nuclear waste disposal site, located near Carlsbad, New Mexico. Regular nuclear shipments will pass through 28 states for the next 25 years on the way to the controversial WIPP site (Waste Isolation Pilot Project). THE WIPP TRAIL video is the first program to explore the problems this waste will pose to the millions of people in communities along the transportation route and near the dump site. It also shows why citizens groups are concerned that political considerations are preventing the resolution of major health and safety issues. Over 30 scientists, health officials, citizens and politicians provide a wide range of opinions, illustrated by footage of the WIPP site and other graphics. The program is narrated by Robert Redford. Producer: Frank Morrow. Production Company: Alternative Information Network. Keywords: Alternative Views; progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Televison; nuclear power; nuclear testing; ; WIPP Trail. A documentary showing the ravages of nuclear power and nuclear bomb testing on the people and environment, particularly in the New Mexico area. “The WIPP Trail” provides statements from both sides, which reveal governmental collusion with the nuclear industry. Plans to store radioactive waste generated by United States

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