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You probably heard about the greatest environmental threat of our time: the global warming. Maybe you think that your personal attitude and household consumption don’t have such a big effect on our beautiful blue planet. You’re right. But more people would change this situation. Now you think that you’ve heard it for thousands of times, and you know that other people think the same way and won’t do anything to protect our planet. It’s not your business, there are the green peace activists to solve this problem. But what makes you think that others don’t try to change? Nowadays more and more articles and films deal with this topic. So, let’s imagine that you are interested in the global warming problem, and you tend to take some steps.

A thick layer of atmosphere, which grows thinner further out into space, surrounds the Earth. The atmosphere is consists mainly of Nitrogen. 21% of the atmosphere is Oxygen while just around 1% of the atmosphere consists of other gases like Carbon Dioxide. When sunlight strikes the Earth, some of it escapes back into the atmosphere, but the presence of ‘greenhouse gases’ like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, prevents all the radiation from escaping out into space. These gasses trap the sun’s radiation, heat and energy, and therefore, the Earth’s temperature remains warm. So, more and more of the Earth’s radiation gets trapped by the atmosphere and the Earth gradually gets warmer and warmer. It is believed that over the past century the Earth has grown warmer by around 1 degree F. This is called global warming, which occurs due to the greenhouse effect.

Vehicles and their widespread use are the leading producer of greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. So your car also produces a lot of greenhouse gases. There are several ways you can limit this. For example, you can use public transport or walk more often; you can choose a fuel-efficient model when buying a car; or you can drive more fuel-efficiently. But there is another great solution: carpooling.

Do you have more cars in your family? All members of the family leave from home at a different time? Usually you go to work alone by car? Then, you are a main enemy of your environment. If you can travel with your family, try to use one car. It may takes more time, but means less consumption of oil and you can also save money. If you don’t have a family, or you really can’t travel together with somebody, try to use carpool services. There are several sites helping you to find other people interested in carpooling. It doesn’t matter where you live, carpooling has become widespread all over the world. Leave your car home and share a ride with somebody who travels to the same destination. Just try to avoid empty seats in your car, carpool whenever possible, and you already did a lot.

Car exhaust fumes extremely contribute to global warming. The United States, as Al Gore writes, is responsible for some 30 percent of greenhouse gas pollution, more “than South America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Japan, and Asia — all put together.” Embarrassingly. You can watch his new film, An Inconvenient Truth, which might have little effect on you if you are not ready yet.

Fruzsina Csery is a freelance copywriter, she occasionally writes for Carpooling.

From meeting the food needs of a growing population to reducing carbon emissions resulting from transportation, environmental challenges are faced at both a …
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EBooks are now selling more than printed books. Kids, and adults, teens and old people everyone loves to read eBooks on the topics of their choice. We can observe numerous benefits of eBooks writting and publishing for writers and publishers as well. But here is another great advantage of publishing electronic books that they are environment friendly.

As we all know, in the past books could be published on paper only, and paper is made from trees. So the more trees are gone the more paper can be produced. Trees are used for many other purposes as well, and cutting f trees is done for many other businesses as well, but for completing the requirement of paper production is a also a big part of this.

Here is no need to tell, if the trees are less how it can affect the environment badly. Less trees on earth means polluted air, more carbon dioxide, global warming and many other negative effects on the environment.

We can say that cutting trees for making paper is not wrong, because we are doing it for a good purpose. But as the demand of published books is increasing, can trees on earth be enough for producing quality paper for this rising demand.

This need of paper than introduced recycling of paper, thus the paper we get after repeated recycling is not as good in quality as it was earlier. The recycled papers are sometimes not as good for environment and health too.

All this rising paper demand is also rising the price of paper to a great extend. If a publisher wants to publish his book on a good quality paper, it costs him a lot. The expense is then transferred to buyers and we have to purchase expensive books.

So there is certainly the need of another book publishing material or medium that can save the environment and can be less expensive for us. EBooks have solved the problem to a great extend. Everyone enjoys the comfort of downloading and reading eBooks on an electronic device. EBooks are easily available and cost effective as compared to printed books.

You can now find good eBooks on any subject or topic. Just like we can borrow books form a library, free eBooks are available for downloading on internet. You don’t need to borrow an eBook to return after a limited time, you can actually download them on your eBook reading device to keep with you as long you like. So once you are searching for eBooks, download a few of them at a time and then you can read them any time as you like.

EBooks reading devices are there for you to carry a lot of eBooks with you on the go. You can take your eBooks with you to schools or colleges as well and no need of carrying heavy books bag packs. Best of all you’ll be reading books published electronically without using paper and without cutting trees. EBooks are surely more environment friendly than printed books.

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You cannot escape the results of your thoughts.

Whatever your present environment may be,

you will fall, remain or rise with

your thoughts, your vision, your ideal.

You will become as small

as your controlling desire;

as great as your dominant aspiration.

I wish I knew who said that. Isn’t it wonderful? What do you think of it? Is it true for you? What do you want to happen in your life? Are you focusing on it? Do you feel you are moving towards or away from it? What do you need to do to make your dreams and goals come true?

Have you heard the saying “what you focus on is what you get”? I would love to suggest that you try an experiment just to see what you think. Pick an area, any area of your life and start focusing on that. It is a good idea to use a generalisation to start with so that you get a feel for the exercise. Some examples that you may like to use:

Most people I know exercise – and start looking at all the people you know who exercise
My partner helps out around the house – and start watching for when they help out around the house
Every weekend I get time to do something that I really enjoy – and take note of what little things happen on the weekend that you enjoy
I have fantastic friends who really care – and take note of the small actions and things your friends do for you

You may have noticed that we used only positive examples.

That was deliberate as all of these could be switched to a negative but that would mean we are focusing on the negatives and that will make us not feel so good.

A personal example for me was that many years ago, I was working full time and felt like I was the only mother in the whole school who worked full time. When I was able to get to school what I saw were mums who were always there to pick up their children. I felt really guilty. Eventually, I changed and started to work part time and that is when I realised I wasn’t the only mum who worked full time, who wasn’t there to always pick up her children, there are loads of mums who are all juggling as much as me. It was what I was focusing on and it was negative and it dragged me down.

I have really learnt the power of what you focus on is what you get. Another personal example was that I felt my husband wasn’t helping enough at home of an evening. Then I decided to shift my focus and decided that whenever he helped, I would say “thank you”. I was trying to use positive reinforcement. That old tactic you use with children to get them to do things, I figured I would try it with my husband.

So every time he helped, I say “thank you.” What I realised was how many small little things he did without me asking. Perhaps my frustration had been that he wasn’t doing what I would like him to be doing at that moment, but he was doing things. This changed my attitude and we are a great team now that work really well together. That was my aim and focus and it has happened.

Too often, we focus and think about what we don’t have or what we would want. Take time to focus on what you have and be grateful for it and then think about what you want and dedicate your thoughts and focus to that. It will happen. What you focus on is what you get so what do you want? Start seeing it, hearing it, feeling it and believing it.

Michele Tocci is a director of LifeStyle Refocus. Michele works with business owners and individuals to make their life easier by managing their time in better ways so that they are more productive which allows them to set time so they can create a better life. LifeStyle Refocus delivers workshops on “Organise My Life,” “How to have a Productive Day,” “Manage My Time,” “DeClutter and Take Back Control” and “Mind Clutter.” In addition to the workshops LifeStyle Refocus works one on one with businesses and individuals to implement the strategies at the workshops based on their personal and unique circumstances.

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All over the world, many people are working night and day to find out various ways which can help them to save those resources which are left in very less amount on earth. If we talk about natural resources like petrol, coal etc. then we can say that in coming years they will be very costly and they will also get extinct. People who are aware of the threat which is posed by depletion of non renewable sources of energy wish to save them at any cost.

Therefore, they keep on searching for those sources of energy which are present in abundance on earth. People know that wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy etc. are present in abundance on earth. Solar energy can never get finished and people should use it so that they can save non renewable sources of energy.

If we compare the number of people who used solar energy 5 years back with the number of people who are using it at present then we will find a huge difference. Of course, the number of people who use solar energy has risen considerably in the last few years. Many people always stay worried about rising prices of electricity. Every month, a considerable part of the income of people goes in to making payments of utility bills. There are many people who have found a solution for bringing their expenditure on electricity down. They have started to use the solar inverters which are sold by many companies.

People should know that they can easily purchase solar inverters from various online stores. They will help them in meeting their electricity requirements. Many people are using them in various parts of the world.

There might be many people who really wish to save their money by using solar energy but they do not know what steps they need to take if they want to make use of solar energy.

Such people should know that they simply need to contact those companies which can install solar panels for home. If you do not know about any such company then you do not need to worry as online you will be able to get information about various companies which specialize in selling solar panels for home. Appropriate equipments are required by those people who wish to use solar energy. Also, the equipment should be installed in a perfect manner. People who are trying to find out the best solar photovoltaic installers will be able to find them easily online.

Many companies which deal with solar energy products offer information about the best solar photovoltaic installers. Using solar energy is not only good for the pockets of people but also for the environment. If more and more people start using solar energy then our future generations will also be able to use non renewable sources of energy. Also, no pollution is caused when solar energy is used in houses. Commercial buildings also make use of solar energy in many countries.

Author is an experienced Content Writer and publisher.Read More About solar monitoring & solar pv roof tiles.

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Our natural water ways and the condition of them will always vary in response to environmental conditions. There are many organisations and associations who cater and tend to the issues concerning out water systems, in order to preserve them and elements like marine life for future generations to come. Water pollution is the contamination of a water environment be it lakes, rivers or the ocean. Water pollution ensues when impurities are discharged openly or indirectly into water ways without ample treatment in which harmful compounds and potential toxins can be removed.

Environmental or ambient water quality as it is otherwise known refers to the natural elements of our waterways like oceans, rivers, streams and lakes. The actual standards for water quality in these certain areas of water fluctuate considerably mainly because of altered environmental changes, bionetworks and ecosystems, and proposed human uses. Toxic elements and large populaces of particular microbes and microorganisms can create harmful hazards to non-drinking areas of water. In particular these conditions can impact upon wildlife with drastic consequences in some circumstances. Wildlife in particular, utilise our waterways obviously to drink from and indeed as their natural habitat. It is apparent that contemporary water quality laws commonly specify protection of fisheries and leisure use water environments and seek to actively retain preservation of current quality standards, at the very least.

There is a lot of desire amid the public and related organisations and associations to raise awareness of the water environment and to preserve natural conditions. Many environmental scientists pursue various methods for sustaining healthy ecosystems and some might focus specifically on the safeguard of populations of threatened species and exploring potential threats to humans.

Water pollution not only affects plants and various species of flora found in our water environments but also threatens organisms living in these bodies of water.

In virtually all circumstances the consequence is detrimental not only to specific species and populations, but also to the natural biological environment. It is obviously important to protect our ecosystems in order to maintain healthy fish stocks and marine culture. Even factors such as sediments carried into rivers or steams can cause a huge impact upon the ecosystem. This is mainly due to agricultural pesticides and chemicals which may reside in soil and such, causing detrimental changes to not only the quality of the water but the actual habitats of many species. This kind of pollution can cause suffocation in some cases or can make for toxic water environments which can cause great harm upon marine populations.

The Salmon & Trout Association: influencing national decision makers over the management and protection of salmon, trout and sea trout and raising concerns about the water environment and other important issues. 

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Paper and plastic are the most controversial topic we ever had whenever we talk about pollution caused to the nature. Both of them have their good uses and side by side their bad effects causing pollution to the planet. The usage of them cannot be stooped just for the reason lots of industries manufacture products made from plastic and paper. People earn their livelihood by working at these industries and as a result total ban on their production cannot be implied. But our government is also smart enough, they imply new rules on its use and thus to a very less extent people are now getting aware regarding the harm caused by plastic.

Government has started charging for plastic bags whenever you go for shopping. There are lot many plastic manufacturers all around the world. There are uncountable plastic products made and sold in the market today. Plastic can be reformed, glued, drilled, cut, frozen, cooled, twisted, bent, and melted. Searching for plastic manufacturers is not a daunting task. Innumerable manufacturers are available on internet. You can search out their names and then you can select the best ones out of them. If not the whole but at least you have to get the primary information about plastics before approaching any of the Produttori plastica (plastic manufacturers).

Thermoforming is another manufacturing done for huge gauge items such as plastic sidings and the aircraft windscreens. Plastic being non bio degradable causes much harm to the planet when it is thrown on the ground.

Moreover it is not recycled easily so it is advised not to use plastic in large amount. And alternative to plastic is paper. Paper has an advantage over plastic. Paper bags are bio degradable and can be reused also. They degrade easily in the nature causing no harm. Paper bags are available in each size from small to large ones.

They can be printed with companies’ logo for promotional basis. Paper bags are used for shopping, packing and storing food materials. Brown paper bag, printed ones, simple Borse carta (paper bags) etc are now in market. But with the advantages we have a disadvantage also. The disadvantage is paper is made from the tree bulk. Thousands and thousands of trees are being cut every year just to meet the needs of the people. Cutting of trees, as you all know causes a very great loss as it deprives the nature from the oxygen.

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Worldwide recognized, the Galapagos Islands are paradise itself. It was the inspiration for Charles Darwin´s theory of evolution in 1835 for its unique species and marine reserve. Endemic species have lived throughout time and, as Darwin stated, some species have even adapted to one specific island and its environment. That is the case of the Galapagos Finch which varies its beak, size and color in each island.

Although the Enchanted Islands are a place to preserve, they are suffering the harmful effects of fast-growing population, excessive tourism, extreme weather events, and invasive species. For instance, endemic species of one island have been introduced to other islands. In this way, the harmony of the ecosystem is affected.


Species such as plants and animals which are brought to the islands by humans, and introduced to the environment, are referred to as introduced species. In the Galápagos, this is a serious problem.

Some non-native species are rats, goats, dogs and cats. They disturb the ecosystem in different ways. In the case of goats, they destroy the population of tortoise.

Overpopulation is another threat to native species. Even though humans have lived on the islands for about two centuries, the population has grown so much that the natural balance has been lost. Over the last 20 years, the Galapagos Islands population has grown a 6.2 percent annually.

Over 40,000 people live in the main islands (Isabela, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Floreana) despite the restrictions made by the National Park.

Additionally to settlers, Galapagos gains more tourists every year which has also brought negative effects to the environment.

Galapagos cruises, yachts and airplanes have overindulged the islands.

Even another threat is the extreme weather events such as “El Niño” which raises the wáter temperatura and increases rainfall risking the marine life.

Preserving Galapagos

Despite all the threats to the environment in Galapagos, measures are being taken to preserve this natural wonder.

To solve the issue of alien species, The Inter-institutional Committee for the Management and Control of Introduced Species (CIMEI) has taken the lead.


The government is restricting immigration to the Islands by creating new laws and regulations. Even Ecuadorians need a visa to visit Galapagos.

The Galapagos National Park is keeping track of the tourists which visit the Islands. Besides paying the $ 100 fee, they must purchase a Transit Control Card with a chip, a barcode and a photograph of the tourist.

Several national and international organizations are working really hard to preserve the beauty, tranquility and purity of the Galapagos Islands.

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Plastic bags as strong as normal plastic bags and helpful to the environment are now in the market. The benefits provided by them play an important role in saving our planet. Each and every house is now using this new variety of compostable bags. These types of bags are just as durable as their typical counterparts but they have the additional benefit of being helpful to the environment. Compostable trash bags are made from biodegradable ingredients. The two main types included in the category of compostable bags are: biodegradable polymer bags and organic compostable ones.

There are certain reasons why such kind of bags should be replaced instead of plastic bags. The polymer type breaks down into smaller pieces of plastic when they are subjected to light, air, and moisture. They still release plastic particles into an environment. These particles are relatively small and very less amount of harm is caused. Plastic being non bio degradable cannot be used again after its one use where as this bag is bio degradable. Moreover plastic cannot be recycled again. With the on growing need of the people companies are making more and more of such kind of compostable bags. Compostable bags are readily available for a very reasonable price. Its price is closely similar with standard plastic bags. The price can be reduced further if we buy such bags in whole sale. For packaging of food special kind of bags called stand up pouches are also available. From local grocery to large stores all retailers provide this kind of food packaging. Stand up pouches ensures the stability and durability of the food product packed. More over it can stand still on the shelf and thus are easy to transport.

Simple, plain, printed all kinds of bags are now used. Companies name and logo can be printed and sold in the market for promotional purposes.

The materials used for stand up pouches create an extremely durable and strong product. Such pouches tend to eliminate the use of plastic and paper bags in the market. Online selling of compostable bags is also done for the customers who wish to buy them online. It can help attain biodiversity. Those bags can be degraded unlike regular plastics. Today everyone should contribute somewhat in saving nature and thus these kinds of bags are recommended. It is a better way to get a greener planet free from any fear.

For more information about compostable bags and stand up pouches please visit:

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Now is the right time for people to do their part in helping the environment in the smallest possible way that they can, before everything is too late. The environment right now is really in a fragile condition, there are only fewer resources left and the population is growing, there are now 7 billion people in the world, which means that there is no balance anymore. People have to start caring for the environment and find all kinds of energy solutions and other ways to be of help, no matter how small it is. People can not only rely on the energy saving company and other groups or agencies which take good care of Mother Earth, since taking care of the environment is everybody’s responsibility, so everybody should do something.

There are a number of renewable energy solutions London that are presented to the people for them to study and adopt the ones that are reasonable for them and things that they can follow through and maintain. People could actually practice little things at home, and parents can teach these to their children like recycling, conserving energy, and so on. Adults have to educate the young ones since it is them who will be left on this Earth and facing all kinds of environmental problems. Awareness can be done at home and in school or even through the media.

Some people go to great lengths just to help the environment, one of the may ways that households can save money and help the earth is by using solar panels, photovoltaic cells, and other things that are proven safe and beneficial. One best thing that people could do is to be involved, know, advocate, and be a good role model to other people.

There is only one Earth and people can not afford another one.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. For more information on Renewable energy installers please visit our Feeding In Tariffs website.

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Watching sports is one of the greatest ways to see a group of individuals from diverse educational, economic and family backgrounds come together for a common goal.  Winning is the ultimate paycheck, but playing smart and leaving their heart on the field makes a player hold their head high….. are there any applications to today’s workplaces?

Employees at Zappos get it.  If they were playing in the NFL, they would no doubt be in the playoffs each year.  What’s the difference?  They know how to create an environment that invites creativity, risk taking, ownership and feedback.  Excellent combinations for building a strong team.

Companies don’t start off on day one doing it all right; they grow and learn from their mistakes.  So what type of coaching environment are you creating as a leader in your organization? 

Great company coaches have a wonderful opportunity to showcase the employee talent of an organization, no doubt, one of the most important company assets.  If each day you manage your staff was like watch a team practice, what would it say about your coaching skills? 

Top Skills of a Great Coach

Vision – A coach can watch a player demonstrate a strong desire to be a winner.  The coach knows that with the right type of drills and instruction, the raw talent is there and the player will go far.  What do you see in your employees?  Do you see their potential?  Can you see the fire in their eyes to make a valuable contribution to the company?  Everyone isn’t a star, but everyone is a team member.

Proper Assessment – It takes a team of coaches to run the drills and give each player multiple chances to exercise their skills.  An honest assessment of a player’s strengths and development areas puts them in the best position to help the team.  How often do you take the time to observe your employees to deliver a proper employee evaluation?  Are you willing to tell your employees if they are in the wrong “spot”?  Can you point them in the right direction when they are open to feedback about the performance?

Challenge  Stations – In order to take players to a higher level, stations are changed to make them step up and do things they didn’t know they were capable of doing.  Coaches expect mistakes and during that time, they guide the efforts until the higher standard becomes the norm.  When was the last time you looked around to challenge some of your best employees and gave them a stretch performance goal?  Fostering an environment where employees can take calculated risks and learn from their mistakes benefits the entire organization.  Every grows tired of the same performance evaluation that says “exceeds expectations” on each category.  That says one thing, “I am not growing my skills”.  Help employees seek out tasks and projects that will develop new skills valued by the company.  Be there to clarify the expectations and techniques and your team stock has improved tremendously.

Builds Bench Strength – All players can’t play at one time, but all players must be ready and confident to play.  Are you rotating special assignments and delegated tasks to build your whole team?  Do you demonstrate a commitment to each team member and not just your “favorites”?  When employees know their time is coming, they can be patient.  They will execute the daily tasks with a desire to tackle greater responsibilities in the future.

It may seem a bit idealistic to believe each employee comes suited up to win every day….but what do you expect out of your employees?  Do you expect their personal best?  Do you brag about your team?  Are you waiting for the formal employee performance evaluation period to let them know how they are doing, or do you stop by at a random employee’s desk for five minutes in the morning to let them know you appreciate their efforts.  Do you have a “gotcha” mentality or an environment that let’s your employees know that you are all working together towards the same goal?  Great coaches really want the players to win as individuals, doing their best.  When you take care of the individual player, teaching respect, values and ownership to the team, the score at the end of the game takes care of itself!

Creating a coaching environment is a daily commitment, it’s a mindset of value and it works.  Get fired up, give great feedback, take time to give meaningful coaching during performance evaluations and be recognized for having the best team!

About Bullseye Evaluation: Looking for a system to make Performance Management a strategic advantage? Bullseye Evaluation offers a web based solution to help shift the culture of expectations for your company process.

At Bullseye Performance Management Systems, we believe HR Professionals are operational and strategic partners when managing an organization.

Pat Bell is an HR Advisor with Bullseye Evaluations. BullsEyeEvaluation offers Employee Performance Evaluation, Employee Evaluation & Performance Appraisal System

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