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((****NOT AUSTRALIA**** I know I said Australia..Sorry…. :D~ )) VIENNA, Austria – The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) detected very low concentrations of radioactive particles from the Fukushima Nuclear power plant on Friday in the city of Vienna. However, this does not mean any threat to public health as declared by the AGES. The spokesman for the agency stated that the people and environment are not endangered from the low concentrations of iodine-131 and cesium-137 that were detected on Thursday for first time. Aerosol samples are continuously being analyzed to determine the amount of radioactive substances that may be polluting the environment. VIDEOS: Update: Workers trying to pump out radioactive water from Japan reactors Radioactive Iodine 1250 times over safety limit detected in seawater at Fukushima 6.8 Earthquake Causes Devastation in Myanmar Update! Radioactive particles concentrating over Northern California! March 25, 2011 Japan: Fukushima facility not under control, crisis escalates CCTV News North Korea’s food stocks running dry, UN warns.

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