November 2010 China’s massive growth is costing the health of its people and environment? Pollution is an issue which the authorities would rather hide. But the problem is becoming dangerous and it can no longer be ignored.

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25 Responses to “Dirty Little Secrets – China”

  • rainepanda

    then they find the people that lead them to the villages the “leaders”? of the protesting and they imprison them

  • TofuInSpace

    Romney sent jobs like? these to China

  • TofuInSpace

    meh, Chinese Americans have been doing this to? Americans for years now

  • milostheartful

    China’s massive growth is costing? the health of its people and environment because their means to achieve their growth is unethical.

  • Baghalighatohh

    Amyjpoppy, u just made me log into my account to like? this :D

  • kervennic

    Well even Steve? jobbs got messed up by its own chemical products.

  • christo930

    Is it too late? Almost 30 years ago when I was 13, I used to go to the delaware river to fish, the water absolutely stunk, my mother knew without asking if I had been near that river and nobody would even think of eating fish caught in the river. Today, the water doesn’t stink and the fish are edible.? You can turn the tide, but it takes political will.

  • christo930

    China is it’s own victim. I don’t feel bad at all for these people, they take our jobs and impoverish us because they won’t look after? their workers or their environment. If Chinese firms had to obey US environmental and OSHA requirements, then we could be making this stuff. Labor isn’t that big a part of production because most of it is automated. Energy and regulations are the big costs, and China doesn’t care about it’s water, people, air and environment. Fuck em.

  • Godspart0n

    lol they’re hard working? what you meant to say was ” lazy bastards who take the easy way in search of a better life by illegally running to the US”. The chinese work long hours for little? wage for hopes of a better future, if you think mexicans work harder than these people there is something wrong.

  • LATQueens

    We can do something about this to reverse pollution as best? as possible throughout the world.

  • LyokoTravels

    It’s kinda funny? that I’m using an apple product in order to watch this video :(

  • Yahshuaismylamp

    I? would honestly like to see an update on the village. I really hope these guys are trying to make a difference in those places they showed!

  • Alex7s

    watching? this using my macbook pro made me feel disgusted. :( this is really sad. awesome documentary. thanks for sharing!

  • TheChristianRight09

    Only half of China is habitable,the Himalayas? and Gobi desert make up vast expanses of China…

  • xxleannebabyxx

    what a shame all the beautful greenry going to ruin? i feel so sorry for them people x

  • xxleannebabyxx

    apple? ppprrrfffttt am never buying another? think from them ever agen.

  • TheCaptainLulz

    The n in n-hexane actually means normal. Its? quite toxic. They could have used acetone, it would have dried quicker and its pretty inocuous.

  • COAKD1

    I am? aware.

  • COAKD1

    Not the views which need positive change now,? “us.”

  • kishaba1980

    true, true…we? need to be helping our neighbor mexico. Help them with business investments, that way all of North America can be prosperous.

  • hector0282

    Yeah and Mexico respects? the environment A LOT more.

  • ernesdee2o916

    Good documentary…but you can’t blame China for the way it is. As long as EVERYONE in the world is buying the products that? China makes it’s going to be the way it is. So we are all to blame for their pollution.

  • otacs2

    These stories? really are heartbreaking!

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