A local carpet cleaning company charged us five dollars to dispose of the waste water then I caught them dumping right down the street in the storm drain… very harmful to our environment seeing that those drains go to all the little cannals and lakes in the area… that water is full of harmful pollutants and is extremely bad for the environment. Also I think they should have to refund every customer that five dollar “e fee” that they say is for disposal of the dirty water!


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  • zbikenut

    All they are dumping is the dirt off you shoes and a tiny bit of detergent. The safest place to get it recycled back to the earth is by putting it on grass. The? Detergent is a fertilizer and will help the grass grow. This is probably better for the enviornment than putting it in the sewer. Most of our sewer systems are already overloaded with Fecal matter. This is not dangerous stuff.

  • thelastdonz

    it’s in slow motion no i did not work for this company they cleaned my carpets and did a piss poor job at that? to!!!!!!!!!!

  • WorldofClean

    Im not offended by the dumping but? by the charging for it.

  • thelastdonz

    This co. uses a chemical called Formula 90, which clearly warns on it’s label that it causes cancer and other harmful and potentially fatal side effects. Not to mention? what else is in that water other than just the chemicals. (See below). Some of these are not biodegradable, but of those that are, they can still contaminate our environment. Besides how can we trust a company that charges to ” properly remove of the dirty water” then dumps it in our front yards? How dirty is that?

  • thelastdonz

    This company has 4 trucks and each truck does between 8-10 jobs a day…dumping this hazardous waste between every job, all day, 6 days a week. Meanwhile, they charge every customer a $5.00 “efee” or “environmental fee” for disposal of the dirty water. This water often contains pesticides,? fecal matter, vomit, human and pet waste, lead,dyes,etc. A real hazard to our beautiful South Florida environment. Thanks, National Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

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