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As industrialisation continued, more wastes were released in the air.  Gases, dust and fumes were dispensed in the atmosphere in excessive amounts.  In time, nature’s systems could not keep up with the changes.  Air pollution became unmanageable, and people had to develop their own ways to deal with it.

It is necessary for humans to address the problem of air pollution because it is their health that is compromised.  Pollutants, those substances that contribute to air pollution, put both people and animals at risk; in fact, they also negatively affect plants. The pollutants can cause serious health problems, particularly for children and seniors.  Staying indoors is not enough to protect people from air pollution, as even indoor air can be polluted.

One of the major threats to air quality is Volatile Organic Compounds, better known as VOCs. This kind of pollutant can be found both outdoors and indoors.  Often, VOCs are released in the air during construction or production of goods and equipment.  They are also dispersed in the air when the said goods and equipment are used.  VOCs are most harmful indoors because they can result in a photochemical smog, and those who inhale it will have their health at risk.

To fight air pollution, the authorities have designed specific techniques and planned strategies for the reduction of air pollution.  Their efforts included the creation of pollution control devices, including biofilters.  Biofilters utilize living material such as bacteria to collect pollutants and biologically reduce them.  The use of these devices is a great way to combat air pollution, but the existing devices still need much improvement to effectively and efficiently do its job.  This is why many modern day research and development facilities have been investing heavily in introducing new breeds of biofilters in the market, which provide innovative and environment-friendly solutions that are economically practicable.

There are now systems out in the market such as Fluidised media bed biofilters.  These devices are set apart from other conventional biofilters because it uses the latest technology and years of research to effectively remove not only VOCs but also Total Reduced Sulphur compounds.  What really sets these devices apart from other biofilters is size and controllability.  It is significantly smaller than the others, but it gets the work done properly: the humidity and conditions are controlled in the pressurized chamber to allow the bacteria to perform better.  The device also requires less maintenance and has no harmful emissions.

In the fight against air pollution, optimum performance is required from all air pollution control devices, and it is reassuring to know that there are companies out there dedicated to improving the processes and systems.

For further reading catch up on press releases from Blow Green Biofilters. You can also visit their newly launched website to find out more about air pollution control systems and how their technologically advanced solutions compare against other systems in the industry.

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Waste management serves as an essential improvement in the world today. Hence, we consider RECYCLING the most significant way to implement proper waste disposal. Be delighted by your observance of saving the planet in case you have already began recycling, or have been completely diverting the very thought of getting started. I, as one of your fellow Planet Caretaker at TGP and TGEG, SBSC and TBE Earth Warriors encourage you along with open arms to hold on to our beliefs and common goal in making our earth a green planet once more!. There’s a whole great deal to educate ourselves and as such loads of alternative ways for every single and each particular person which might help out, in REDUCING the level of nonrenewable resources used, REUSING what we could, and RECYCLING what’s left.

TGEG, SBSC, TBE and TRUE GREEN PLANET are corporations set by none other than Ronald Shane Flynn. He had a prescient vision that has influenced many nations by his campaign for a greener and improved modern world.  He may perhaps be the wizard powering and lurking behind enormous organizations struggling to help with making green technology the primary provider of energy across the world.

TRUE GREEN ENERGY GROUP- the primary along with his four companies in the Philippines and Canada which is generally concerned in promoting world power and green technologies.

SPECTRUM BLUE STEEL CORPORATION -which is apparently the sister company of TGEG that instigates and deploys biosphere machines.

TRUE BIO ELECTRIC- that is certainly intended to look after the development, finalizing and distribution of TGEG biosphere technology’s green energy.

TRUE GREEN PLANET- is the latest among the three and that is guaranteed to head into the most effective way in implementing green technologies and other great revolutionary alternatives towards an enduring future.

Ron Flynn initiated the companies True Green Energy Group, SBSC, True-Bio Electric and True Green Planet with the foremost idea of treating our world with the promotion of green technologies and recommends developing a zero waste society.

The firms also provide a lasting investment opportunity and not just a compelling financial stability but also providing them with the opportunity in fulfilling the immense desire of saving the Planet.

He may have concentrated his life in developing an environment friendly and better world. Lots that tend to have got involvement in thinking about the biosphere gasification project as unsuccessful and the worst is, some have tried to screw up his identity to set him down. Yet unfortunately he’s got under no circumstances to be pulled down by any critics.


Megan Park who writes for True Green Planet, a company under True Green Energy Group, a passionate earth lover who preserves its beauty and making it a better place to live and conscientiously promotes the Biosphere Technology producing sustainable and economical green energy.

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You cannot escape the results of your thoughts.

Whatever your present environment may be,

you will fall, remain or rise with

your thoughts, your vision, your ideal.

You will become as small

as your controlling desire;

as great as your dominant aspiration.

I wish I knew who said that. Isn’t it wonderful? What do you think of it? Is it true for you? What do you want to happen in your life? Are you focusing on it? Do you feel you are moving towards or away from it? What do you need to do to make your dreams and goals come true?

Have you heard the saying “what you focus on is what you get”? I would love to suggest that you try an experiment just to see what you think. Pick an area, any area of your life and start focusing on that. It is a good idea to use a generalisation to start with so that you get a feel for the exercise. Some examples that you may like to use:

Most people I know exercise – and start looking at all the people you know who exercise
My partner helps out around the house – and start watching for when they help out around the house
Every weekend I get time to do something that I really enjoy – and take note of what little things happen on the weekend that you enjoy
I have fantastic friends who really care – and take note of the small actions and things your friends do for you

You may have noticed that we used only positive examples.

That was deliberate as all of these could be switched to a negative but that would mean we are focusing on the negatives and that will make us not feel so good.

A personal example for me was that many years ago, I was working full time and felt like I was the only mother in the whole school who worked full time. When I was able to get to school what I saw were mums who were always there to pick up their children. I felt really guilty. Eventually, I changed and started to work part time and that is when I realised I wasn’t the only mum who worked full time, who wasn’t there to always pick up her children, there are loads of mums who are all juggling as much as me. It was what I was focusing on and it was negative and it dragged me down.

I have really learnt the power of what you focus on is what you get. Another personal example was that I felt my husband wasn’t helping enough at home of an evening. Then I decided to shift my focus and decided that whenever he helped, I would say “thank you”. I was trying to use positive reinforcement. That old tactic you use with children to get them to do things, I figured I would try it with my husband.

So every time he helped, I say “thank you.” What I realised was how many small little things he did without me asking. Perhaps my frustration had been that he wasn’t doing what I would like him to be doing at that moment, but he was doing things. This changed my attitude and we are a great team now that work really well together. That was my aim and focus and it has happened.

Too often, we focus and think about what we don’t have or what we would want. Take time to focus on what you have and be grateful for it and then think about what you want and dedicate your thoughts and focus to that. It will happen. What you focus on is what you get so what do you want? Start seeing it, hearing it, feeling it and believing it.

Michele Tocci is a director of LifeStyle Refocus. Michele works with business owners and individuals to make their life easier by managing their time in better ways so that they are more productive which allows them to set time so they can create a better life. LifeStyle Refocus delivers workshops on “Organise My Life,” “How to have a Productive Day,” “Manage My Time,” “DeClutter and Take Back Control” and “Mind Clutter.” In addition to the workshops LifeStyle Refocus works one on one with businesses and individuals to implement the strategies at the workshops based on their personal and unique circumstances.

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During school age where children are at the peak of their knowledge formation, it is essential to take up renewable energy and inculcate the value of energy conservation through the following means: exemplify, utilize educational resources, incorporate learning with fun, and encourage application.

Renewable energy is a type of resource that can be continuously reproduced over short periods of time. When these become depleted, renewal is made possible through proper management. Thus, it is essential to incorporate conservation of energy in the classroom as early as possible, so that spontaneity will become established. Here are some effective ways to impart knowledge to the children while inside the classroom such as:


As a teacher, the students always make a conscious effort to follow what their teachers tell them since they regard you as second parents who need to be respected. To effectively impart learning about energy conservation, you must lead by example. Whatever you do, the children are sure to imitate them because for them you are their role model.

Utilize educational resources

Learning is better appreciated when visual stimulation is encouraged. Children tend to understand better and faster in the presence of educational resources. Explanation can be carried efficiently with less effort because the demonstration done speaks for itself. Visual aids, demonstration models, and slide shows are just some of the valuable tools instructors find to have positive results.

Incorporate learning with fun

Sometimes, children find it boring when things are kept in routine. Same thing with studying, they lose interest when everyday of their lives are spent on reading books and listening to their teachers.

Therefore to make learning more effective, try incorporating it with fun such as games and other exciting activities. Practice reward system to encourage them to automatically perform things without being told. You may utilize a score board where you can place all accumulated points to be rewarded at the end of the day or week.

Encourage application

As soon as this gets part of their system, make sure that these are applied on their everyday lives by always asking for progress. Let them feel they have responsibilities to do not just as children, but as part of the society. At all times, observe how they put everything into practice through self-integration especially when in school since this can be reflected on how they respond to every situation. A concrete example is switching off the light when not in use, so that preservation of the planet is possible.

Young minds do not necessarily mean hindrance in the acquisition of knowledge. In fact, teaching children how to become environmentally aware at an early age would result to a more responsible individual in the future.

To increase awareness on renewable energy, kindly visit this site at: Super Science Fair Projects. You can find numerous renewable energy experiments and kits for your classroom environmental energy science projects.

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All over the world, many people are working night and day to find out various ways which can help them to save those resources which are left in very less amount on earth. If we talk about natural resources like petrol, coal etc. then we can say that in coming years they will be very costly and they will also get extinct. People who are aware of the threat which is posed by depletion of non renewable sources of energy wish to save them at any cost.

Therefore, they keep on searching for those sources of energy which are present in abundance on earth. People know that wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy etc. are present in abundance on earth. Solar energy can never get finished and people should use it so that they can save non renewable sources of energy.

If we compare the number of people who used solar energy 5 years back with the number of people who are using it at present then we will find a huge difference. Of course, the number of people who use solar energy has risen considerably in the last few years. Many people always stay worried about rising prices of electricity. Every month, a considerable part of the income of people goes in to making payments of utility bills. There are many people who have found a solution for bringing their expenditure on electricity down. They have started to use the solar inverters which are sold by many companies.

People should know that they can easily purchase solar inverters from various online stores. They will help them in meeting their electricity requirements. Many people are using them in various parts of the world.

There might be many people who really wish to save their money by using solar energy but they do not know what steps they need to take if they want to make use of solar energy.

Such people should know that they simply need to contact those companies which can install solar panels for home. If you do not know about any such company then you do not need to worry as online you will be able to get information about various companies which specialize in selling solar panels for home. Appropriate equipments are required by those people who wish to use solar energy. Also, the equipment should be installed in a perfect manner. People who are trying to find out the best solar photovoltaic installers will be able to find them easily online.

Many companies which deal with solar energy products offer information about the best solar photovoltaic installers. Using solar energy is not only good for the pockets of people but also for the environment. If more and more people start using solar energy then our future generations will also be able to use non renewable sources of energy. Also, no pollution is caused when solar energy is used in houses. Commercial buildings also make use of solar energy in many countries.

Author is an experienced Content Writer and publisher.Read More About solar monitoring & solar pv roof tiles.

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The words climate change may be heard in a lot of circles, and it is easy to believe that much hot air is expended in discussions of the subject. But this is not to suggest by any means that efforts are not being made to mitigate its effects.

People around the world have begun to take serious note of the effects that many harmful chemicals and emissions have on the environment and earths atmosphere. The concerns have given way to actions, new laws and the formation of environmental agencies whose prime objectives are to work to save the environment today so that it can continue to be enjoyed in the future. Individuals of all ages are being encouraged to believe that they can make a tangible contribution to efforts to raise awareness of and tackle climate change.

Vehicle emissions of carbon dioxide have long been considered dangerous to the environment and responsible for much of the climate change which we have experienced. Environmental agencies have created and begun to enforce standards for vehicles whereby they must be routinely tested to ensure that they are not causing undue pollution. Additionally, car designers have gone back to the drawing board and come up with vehicles that have lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency, but achieve these without incurring disproportionate costs. Eliminating excess carbon dioxide emissions is a valuable way of addressing the issue of climate change, and ensuring that todays environment can still be enjoyed by tomorrows generations.

Waste management is another topic whose contribution to climate change is being closely scrutinised. Many organisations and institutions are taking action to reduce the amount of waste products which they create, whether they are consider hazardous, or merely end up buried in big holes in the ground which take up precious space. From adopting better methods for recycling many products to tightening up on safety procedures for disposing of toxic chemicals and dyes, environmental agencies and waste producing companies are creating accountability standards and taking steps to safeguard the precious sources of clean water which remain.

Many pesticides and additives that harm the environment are being carefully studied and, where possible, taken out of use. They can then often be replaced by substances which do the same job, but cause less environmental harm. People of all ages across the globe are taking an active hand in helping to implement climate change-reducing measures to ensure a healthy environment for now as well as in the future.

The lead in implementing many of these biodiversity and ethical policies is being taken by farmers, and the benefits can be seen in the products they are supplying to supermarkets to meet our daily needs.

Environmental awareness today will play a major part in ensuring that the environment of tomorrow is preserved as far as possible. Learning about climate change facts puts everyone in a better position to contribute to minimising the problem.

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A few months ago, our country discovered an impressive shift in the political landscape that will undoubtedly act a major role in the direction of energy policy for our nation. For those of us who are intimately involved in the serious work of facilitating to navigate a comprehensible path towards a clean energy future for our nation, we figure we will require gaining across the aisle and finding standard ground with conservatives. It would be outstanding to conceive that we can produce any remarkable progression on clean energy over the next two years and while biosphere technology presents an opportunity Filipino’s to work together, energy efficiency remains the more promising alternative.

Energy efficiency represents a cost effective option for bi-partisan consensus, while easing concerns over the national deficit and administration outlay and proposes the government an opportunity to provide manageable solutions for our waning economy.

The word “climate change and global warming” has continued to be a period of contention among many people across the country where there is still uncertainty the robustness that climate change is a artificial phenomenon. The notion of climate change also inclines to challenge some of their sacred notions. Many incoming members of the government have publically denounced climate change as a real scourge. To make subjects coarser, many major media vents are already preparation next year’s news agenda and have decisive to impart climate change off the list.

Energy efficiency speaks forthwith to the current state of the economy and people’s encompassing requires preserving money on arising energy costs.

While this strategy falls short of setting a price on carbon offset solutions, it does fulfill a adjunct goal of climate change advocates, which is progressive awareness of environmental abjection and encouraging sustainability. By encouraging green technology efficiency, we familiarize a new chance to induce the economy in the form of energy savings. For exemplify, energy savings can be realized through programs that advertise replacing obsolete appliances with new energy appliances and weatherizing homes throughout the nation. Tax incentives can be proffered to homeowners that subscribe to these green energy technologies.

Perceptive that there is an essential and critical scourge from shifts in the climate does not justify policymakers of duty for getting value from taxpayers’ money they spend.

Having vexations at the cost of policies is not just cheap. Tackling climate change is a challenging, long-term challenge which will be expensive – so anything that unnecessarily raises the costs of tackling it should be avoided. Unless we assume there is no limit to the costs the economy and society can bear, we ought to try to cut emissions as cost-effectively as possible. This is even more important if you think there is a limit to what the economy and society can bear – then, the cheaper the cost of cutting carbon, the more emissions you save.

“Technology like this could solve so many problems,” as they say; “But people are naturally afraid of the unknown. So the only way to mitigate that is to prove the technology.”

I am a 20 year old amerasian who grew up in Angeles City Philippines. I am a homebody type of person who would love to travel and meet new people. I spend most of my free time writing poetry and lyrics with no notes…

I am currently working for True Bio Electric Corp. as one of their SEO Techwriter. Most of the time I am in charge of how the website is doing through the search engines and other stuff.

I can be very inquisitive at time whenever I am really interested in learning a specific type of subject or work related matters.

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The concept of recycling waste products has been quite an effective one. It has helped in making the environment remain clean and green. However, this is not the only reason. One of the major reasons is to save the natural resources from getting extinct. Each and every nation is taking suitable steps in saving the earth’ natural resources before they face up with extinction. And to help the cause, ferrous and non ferrous metal recycling are enormous beneficiary. Iron is one natural resource that is available at plenty. Still, we require it for a wide variety of purposes. But those metals that have lesser or no iron content can be real difficult to find at times. These are known as non-ferrous metals and they need proper recycling to enhance their availability. The materials that are included inside this category are tin, brass, alloy, gold, nickel, aluminum, copper, titanium, platinum, silver, arsenic, tungsten, mercury, etc.

Electrolysis is used to refine these metals. In fact, metal recycling has helped in opening an earning door for many. This has become a great business industry at several parts of the world, especially within the US. Purchasing and selling of scrap metals have become a popular business concept. Let’s take an example; tin recycling michigan. Everyone knows that Michigan is a place where huge number of tins is recycled every year. But how does this recycling happens? Who collects the waste items? It is those people who have opened up their business in buying and selling of trash metals. They not only purchase but collect them from several waste dumping sites. The trash metals are processed through special scientific procedures before selling.

The market is quite a profitable one and it helps in saving a lot of earth’s natural resources from getting wastedThe concept of recycling waste products has been quite an effective one. It has helped in making the environment remain clean and green. However, this is not the only reason. One of the major reasons is to save the natural resources from getting extinct. Each and every nation is taking suitable steps in saving the earth’ natural resources before they face up with extinction.

For more information on tin recycling michigan, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the non ferrous metal recycling!

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines noise pollution as “harmful or annoying levels of noise.”  While that definition may be a tad brief, it does get the point across.  Wikipedia has chosen to define noise pollution as: “excessive, displeasing human, animal or machine created environmental noise that disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life.”  Some might speculate that noise is just noise and how could it really have any sort of effect on one’s health.  Well, if you have ever been woken from a restful sleep by a barking dog or car alarms, you have felt the stress of noise pollution. Imagine experiencing that scenario every single instance you tried to sleep, for a long period of time.  The inevitable buildup of stress and lack of sleep would cause a whole host of physical and mental health issues.  

With regard to extreme noise levels, most people are well aware of the damage that can occur to our hearing.  Trauma to the eardrum through violent vibrations will cause permanent ruptures, damage to the membrane around the inner ear and the collapse of the cochlear structure.  However, not just loud industrial noise will cause permanent damage to the hearing.  The outer ear, in combination with the middle ear, is designed to amplify sound.  Therefore loud noises at any frequency do have deteriorating effects across the entire range of hearing.  A buildup of damage to the ears will lead to decreased hearing as one gets older, even long before the geriatric years set in.  Another common result of abnormally loud sounds in the ear is tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.  Tinnitus can be temporary, or in some cases of prolonged exposure, permanent.


Aside from hearing loss, what other effects on the body result from excess noise?  In 1999 the World Health Organization (WHO) agreed that evidence showed there was an association between long term noise exposure and hypertension.  More recent studies have even shown that increased levels of noise during the night increase the risk of a heart attack.  When we are under stress our adrenal glands release cortisol, a hormone that increases our blood sugar and suppresses the immune system.  During the night when we are asleep, noise may not wake us, but our body feels the stress and releases the cortisol.  If this keeps happening every night for a prolonged amount of time, the combined effect is stress on the heart and myocardial infarction.  

Putting aside the damage to the actual ear and focusing on overall health, the common denominator for adverse effects as a result of noise pollution is stress.  And we all know stress kills.  Stress has been linked to several forms of cancer, hypertension leading to heart disease, mental illness, social isolation and a whole host of other issues.  The WHO European Region, reports that “one in five Europeans is regularly exposed to sound levels at night that significantly damage health.”  Additionally, the WHO reports that “traffic noise alone is harming the health of every third person…” in Europe.  There is no doubt the same effects are being felt on North Americans living in metropolitan areas.  When we cannot get enough restful sleep or have quiet solitude to rest our minds, our systems begin to breakdown.  Immune systems are suppressed by cortisol, leaving us open to disease.  

How can we protect ourselves from noise pollution?  It would be impractical to move everyone to rural areas, as they would quickly become urban areas.  Some city planners and architects are coming up with ways to buffer traffic noise at the source by constructing noise barriers, limiting vehicle speeds, altering roadway surfaces and using different traffic controls that promote a smoother flow of traffic.  These methods are a great start, but what about noise from airports, construction or even just a loud neighbor?  How can we protect our sleeping environment from unpredictable – and uncontrollable – noise pollution?  Thankfully there are products available that are designed to isolate sound and prevent penetration into the home or office.  Simple things, like using spray foam insulation.  It fills every tiny nook and cranny around doors, windows, in wall cavities and electrical outlets.  By filling the crevices the vibration is buffered, thereby lessening the impact of noise.  

Excess noise can have a significant impact on your physical and psychological health.  Exposure to stressors in our daily lives is harmful enough, but when a quiet restful haven for mental rejuvenation is absent, well then our health begins to slowly break down.  Prolong your life through preventing noise pollution in your home.

Mark Munns is a representative of Spray Foam Direct. Spray foam insulation can save you money and energy. We offer the added benefits of reducing our carbon footprint by offering foam it green solutions and balancing their impact through carbon reproduction projects. Visit us online today for more information or check out one of our DIY videos!

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Unless you are building a new home, incorporating green technology will often mean making significant changes to the infrastructure of your home. This is something which may seem intimidating to some people. It doesn’t have to be. Here are some suggestions that will make it easier for you to do so.

Choose systems requiring the least change
Picking systems and technologies that require the least amount of change or reconfiguration can make it much less painful for you to switch over to green technologies in your home. For example, changing from a traditional hot water tank system to a tankless version will usually not require as much change as it would if you were installing in-floor heating would be. Replacing a floor made with materials that are more friendly to the environment can be less disruptive than bringing in a number of green materials to use in your home’s construction. By minimizing the amount of disruption and change, you can make the transition a much less painful one.

Replace existing technologies as needed
By making changes on an ongoing basis, you can minimize the disruption and impact on your home as much as possible. While it is great to replace everything in your home as quickly as possible, you will find the process to be a much simpler one if you do it on a more gradual and as needed basis. Some green technologies can be quite expensive. If you have to change a furnace, for example, you may find the price of an environmentally friendly alternative much more acceptable if all you replace is the furnace. If you opt to change your windows, insulation and heating system at the same time, the bill might be so large that it would seem like it would never pay for itself.

If you only replace an item or two at a time and do not make every change to your home at once, you can end up feeling like you are much less overwhelmed financially.

Replace the least efficient systems first
Replacing the least efficient systems first is a good idea. Unless you need to replace something in your home (such as windows or a heating system) because it is broken, you would be better off identifying the least efficient systems first. Replacements for systems that are the least efficient will allow you to recoup the money you have spent as rapidly as possible.

How to start the process
There are several ways of starting the process of changing to green technology. The first is to have an energy audit performed on your home or office space. A trained expert will go over the various areas in your home and focus on the systems and areas that utilize the most energy. They will be able to tell you which areas to address first. The drawback is that an energy audit may often be expensive and it may not be available in all areas. A second method is to look at which of your household bills are the highest or most unmanageable. If you choose the bills that are the most expensive and find green methods of reducing them you may find that you will welcome the changes instead of being nervous about them.

Sam Braidley is a author who writes on topics centered around green technology, for more information please visit his website.

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